Film from 1984 somehow affected by newer film

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A great film from 1984 is now somehow awful because of a different film.

Ghostbusters was released 31 years ago and has long been held as one of the greatest comedy movies of all time, until a reboot was released this week, which apparently now makes the original film terrible.

“My childhood is ruined,” confirmed Simon Williams, a 32-year-old moron who has based the quality of his childhood on the strength of one film.

“I used to really like the original Ghostbusters but now I’ve seen a two-minute trailer for the new one, I’ve decided I hate it.

“It’s this kind of logic which makes me so bloody happy.”

Film expert, Michael Fox, said, “to be fair, the new Ghostbusters film does look a bit rubbish, and not because it depicts women as scientists, which is just silly.

“But the original Ghostbusters film remained good in spite of Ghostbusters 2, so it should survive this one too.”