Politician successfully deploys ironic chuckle on Any Questions

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UKIP leader Nigel Farage was hailed as genius in the art of political discourse after successfully utilising an ironic chuckle to undermine an opponent’s point on Radio 4’s Any Questions

The debate over EU membership was heating up and Labour MP Justine Greening had begun an impassioned defence of the free movement of peoples in the Eurozone when all of a sudden an ironic chuckle could be heard echoing around the auditorium.

“It turned the debate on it’s head,” said audience member, UKIP supporter and definitely-not-a-racist, Simon Williams.

“I mean it was all Greening could do not to break down into tears, her argument was completely destroyed. The whole thing was masterly.”

Mr Farage was quietly pleased with the moment.

“I must confess,” he said.

“I had been looking for the opportune moment to try out an ironic chuckle, and hearing Greening wittering about being nice to layabout Johnny Foreigners seemed the perfect time.

“I mean, it’s so much simpler to do the ironic chuckle than actually muster a valid argument you see.

“I’m hoping to get on BBC1’s Question Time soon, so I can combine the ironic chuckle with a slow shake of the head and look of bemusement.

“I can’t quite believe I get paid for this.”

However, despite his modesty Nigel Farage has been hailed the length of Britain as a master debater. At least, that’s what it sounded like.