Ken Livingstone’s disabled toilet hiding place to get Blue Plaque

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The disabled toilet in which Ken Livingstone hid whilst reporters shouted questions about Hitler is to receive a blue plaque from English Heritage.

The plaques are generally reserved for moments of historical significance, and to remind us of the people and events that took place in that location; all criteria met by yesterday’s incident.

Simon Williams of English Heritage told us, “This is now very much a ‘where were you when..’ moment in the national consciousness, and as such we want to ensure it is saved for future generations.”

“There will be children not yet born who learn about yesterday in schools not yet built, so it’s important we provide the markers that highlight what’s really important in our history.

“In this case, it’s the humiliation of a former London mayor on live television.”

The plaque has been welcomed by fans of history and politics alike, though some asked why more blue plaques were not being installed.

History buff Lawrence Matthews told us, “I understand why this toilet gets a blue plaque, but where do we put the one that shows where David Cameron fucked a dead pig’s head?”