Music cancelled

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Music has been cancelled until further notice following the death of Prince this afternoon.

The artist follows an already depressingly long list of deaths of musicians this year, and music is to take as much time off as necessary to recover.

The announcement that the Purple Reign was over came at 5:20pm today.

One of the most astonishingly inventive performers of his or any other generation, Prince once played all 27 instruments on a record whilst you can barely play the piano with two fingers.

Insiders confirmed that ‘Partying like it’s 2016’ is definitely the worst party ever, and so are going to knock it on the head for the foreseeable future.

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Mourners are asked to refrain from going crazy, out of respect.

There is no point watching the weather forecast either, as it has been confirmed that sometimes it snows in April.

Fans are reassured by Princes own words; “I am yours now and you are mine
And together we’ll love through all
Space and time, so don’t cry.”