Commuters call ‘bullshit’ at claim 46% think Thameslink services are ‘satisfactory’

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Commuters who regularly use Thameslink services have been left baffled after 46% of customers rated their service as ‘satisfactory’.

In customer survey published today, an astonishing number of commuters declared the service as ‘not that bad actually’.

Commuter Simon Williams, who regularly travels with Thameslink into London Farringdon told us, “I’m calling foul – show me the responses. Show them to me right now.

“There is simply no way 46% of people using their trains think the service is satisfactory, absolutely no way.”

“The only possible way they’ve got that figure is by getting their staff to fill in the survey, or by changing the definition of ‘satisfactory’ from ‘acceptable level of service’ to ‘nobody died’.”

A spokesperson for Thameslink explained that the surveys were not available for review, because the dog ate it.

They told us, “We’d love to show you how our customers rated us as satisfactory, but we can’t as it’s all gone and become dog poop now.

“Yes, I know most of the survey was done electronically, but the dog broke into the server room and ate…err, the computers.

“Shut up yes he did.”