Kanye West asks Kim Kardashian to trim her finger nails

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Kanye West has asked his wife Kim Kardashian to trim her fingernails, according to a source close to the family.

Just hours after a Twitter spat involving his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose, West got back to family matters by examining each of his wife’s fingers in detail.

“This one’s a little long,” explained West to a seemingly baffled Kardashian.

“It could probably snag – on something – and cause quite a bit of damage. You should cut it back. Right back.”

West then spent several minutes fidgeting on the sofa whilst glancing at his wife’s hand, before fetching Kardashian a pair of nail scissors.

He then watched closely whilst humming ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’ as Kardashian trimmed each of the fingers on her right hand.

As she finished the fingers Kanye told her, “Don’t worry about your thumb, or your left hand, they won’t be needed.

“Now, file them until they’re nice and smooth. That’s it, nice and streamlined. Smooth, the keyword here is smooth.”

Unfortunately our source was then asked to leave the room when West fetched what appeared to be a tube of lubricant and a toilet roll.