Link between poor English skills and extremism proven on Britain First Facebook page

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After Prime Minister David Cameron drew criticism for linking poor English Language skills with extremism, evidence that a link does exist has been found on Britain First’s Facebook page.

Mr Cameron was accused of “lazy and misguided” policy-making, but a call from Britain First supporters to “deport ill eagles and ban Shania Twain,” have added weight to his claims.

The PM’s announcement of a £20m fund to provide English lessons in homes, schools and community facilities have been dismissed as “a waist of tacksprayer’s money” by Britain First.

A post on Britain First’s Facebook page read, “Extremists are hellbent on turning Brian into an Islamic Sellotape.

“Tray Taurus quiz leagues are betraying our granfarthers who fought to protect us from fashionistas.

“Ban the Kerrang, ban Inmans that promote Al-Murray and Hakuna Matata, and make Brian great again!’

A Downing Street spokesperson defended Mr Cameron’s comments by insisting, “Our national identity is being eroded by a swarm of mass irrigation and political erectness.

“We are committed to stopping the Aslanification of Brian.”