SpaceX finally delivers on scientific vision of Button Moon

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX programme has finally delivered the reverse-parking rocket first envisioned 26 years ago on children’s TV show, Button Moon.

Children of the 80’s were enthralled by the tales of Mr Spoon who travelled to Button moon and ‘miraculously’ reverse parked his homemade rocket on the surface.

The series was also broadcast in South Africa where a young Elon Musk was inspired by its creative technological vision.

Button Moon creator Ian Allen spoke of his pride at the SpaceX achievement, telling reporters, “Elon has achieved what I was only able to do with puppets.

“I know that Button Moon played a huge part in the formative years of so many powerful people, but this is really the pinnacle for me.

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“I’d have preferred the SpaceX Falcon rocket was painted to look like a tin of Heinz beans, but that’s just me being picky.”

Elon Musk himself thanked Allen for the inspiration, telling a press conference, “Without Mr Spoon, there would be no Falcon-9 rocket.”

“In the same way that if Noddy hadn’t got that car, there would be no Tesla.”