Terrible shit and spiteful harridan form transatlantic appreciation society

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Donald Trump and Katie Hopkins have formed a transatlantic self-appreciation society to repeatedly congratulate each other on how great they are.

The new alliance will see messages of thanks and support go back and forth across the Atlantic with unerring frequency as their egos demand increasing amounts of International support.

The hope is that unthinking moron followers of each, will in turn choose to support the other through shared values such as racism, bigotry and contempt for anyone ‘different’.

As Hopkins explained, “I love Donald Trump, he is a shining light in the murky world of politics, and the only person standing up to the scourge of the brown people.”

Whereas Trump responded by telling reporters, “I love Katie Hopkins, she is a shining light in the murky world of journalism, and the only person standing up to the scourge of those brown people.”

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Sane human beings on both sides of Atlantic have reacted with horror at the new society.

Voter and newspaper reader Simon Williams told us, “Being congratulated for your horrific opinions by Donald Trump is a bit like being given a ‘gold star for effort’ by Adolph Hitler.”

“Whereas being held up as an example to everyone by Katie Hopkins should by the first stage of a sociopath diagnosis.”

“Remember, this is a man who claims to be self-made but would be worth four times as much if he’d just put his daddy’s fortune into an index linked savings account, and a woman who failed to win a reality TV show literally filled with morons.”

“God help us if they ever have kids.”