Arthur Daley fakes death to avoid tax bill

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London import and exporter Arthur Daley is today hiding in a Margate B&B after faking his death to avoid a large tax bill, according to sources close to the businessman.

The local businessmen claimed he ‘had no choice Terry’ after being confronted by long-term friend and business associate Terry McCann.

Daley explained that he had no way of paying the tax bill that was now due, but that a dead man doesn’t have to pay tax.

McCann claimed that he wasn’t sure that’s how tax works these days, but was willing to go with Daley’s greater experience in such matters.

McCann then went for dinner with the buxom receptionist who had smiled at him upon arrival.

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Daley claims he could stay indefinitely at the B&B, at least until ‘all the fuss has blown over’, but is said to be unhappy at repeatedly being asked to go outside to smoke his cigars – though they do make a very passable Vodka and Tonic.

It remains to be seen if this tax avoidance scheme will work.