Driverless cars programmed to blame each other in case of accident

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Driverless cars will be programmed to loudly blame the other driverless vehicle in the event of an accident, it has been revealed.

With insurance policies insisting that no drivers admit fault at the scene of an incident, the artificial intelligence behind Google’s driverless cars and others have been programmed to point at the nearest alternative driverless vehicle when they hit something.

Developer Simon Williams told us, “We have put together some pretty compelling routines that the AI will follow should it be involved in an accident.”

“From the standard stuff like ‘You came out of nowhere mate!’ or ‘You didn’t indicate when you changed lane!’ right through to the more elaborate stuff like ‘I’m pretty sure I saw you on your phone pal!’.”

“We’ve had to do some clever coding to make sure arguments can escalate like real human confrontations, so you can expect a bit of ‘AI rage’ on the roads soon enough.”

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“The cars have been programmed chase each other in a fit of rage if provoked enough, which I think will be provide more than enough excitement for the passengers, or people who think these cars are boring.”

“You just wait until it mounts the pavement and drives through a busy shopping centre after someone because it thinks they keyed it whilst it was stationary at the lights.”

“All whilst it’s screaming at the top of it’s speaker range about how it’s going to destroy you.”

“It knows some pretty impressive expletives, I assure you.”