Olly Murs to present ITV Strike Xtra tomorrow on ITV2

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Olly Murs will provide backstage coverage of the ITV strike in tomorrow’s episode of ITV Strike Xtra on ITV2, according to sources at the station.

As a channel never keen on missing an opportunity to drag out coverage of an event across multiple days and channels, ITV Strike Xtra will cover those bits that did not make the news.

As Murs told us, “It’s not the prime-time stuff, obviously.”

“There’ll be no picket lines or crowds, but you will get to see how trainee journalist Simon Williams made his protest sign at home on Sunday night. With paint and everything.”

“It’s that kind of background and insight that really makes ITV2 special.”

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“That, and churning out incredibly cheap to make stuff and adding the word Xtra at the end to make it something people recognise.”

ITV Strike

Striking journalist Simon Williams told us, “When they told me I’d be on television with Olly Murs, I was excited.”

“It was an opportunity to talk about the 23% rise in profits at ITV’, Adam Croziers £8m salary and the fact that we’re getting a below inflation pay rise.”

“But all Olly wanted to talk about was what my grandad thought of me being on the show, and whether I thought it was going to change my life.”

“I explained I wasn’t sure about it being life-changing, but it would be nice if it led to me getting the living wage.”

“No, he didn’t understand.”