Greece recruiting chuggers to help pay their debts

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The streets of cities across Europe are to be inundated by chuggers asking people to pledge £2 a week to help Greece pay its debts.

The Greek government is reported to have recruited thousands of arts and humanities graduates on a commission-only basis to harass passers-by as a part of their long-term economic recovery plan.

Chuggers will be equipped with pictures of Greek children looking very sad, a puppy which hasn’t had any dinner, and a rainbow badly photoshopped onto the Acropolis to help them emotionally blackmail people into coughing up.

The money is needed to help the Greek government pursue important policies like anti-austerity, paying Greek people higher benefits and wages, and avoiding going bankrupt due to the first two policies.

“We’re very optimistic about this new initiative”, Prime Minister Tsipras told reporters.

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“We only have to sign up a hundred and sixty-six million people to the scheme by the end of April to meet our next repayment.”

“Compared to some of the other proposals we’ve come out with that’s actually a very realistic objective.”

Tsipras was speaking after returning from Russia where he had gone to ask Vladimir Putin to set up a standing order for $200 million a month, but Putin turned the television down and lay on the floor of the Kremlin until he was gone.

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