Will MP’s playing truant from Parliament lose part of their salary, ask parents on benefits

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Parents of truanting children likely to lose part of their child benefit under new Tory proposals have asked whether MP’s can expect to lose part of their annual salary for failure to attend parliament.

The plans to penalise parents, being put forward by Education Secretary Michael Gove, would be implemented should his party be returned to power at the next general election.

Mother-on-benefits, Sheila Mount, felt the proposals were those of a party truanting on its obligations to support struggling families.

“It’s unrealistic – in fact it’s about as realistic as expecting parliamentarians on over £70k a year to turn up to work every day ready to fulfill their responsibilities as elected MP’s,” she stated.

“I can only assume, in support of Gove’s new measures, any future absences will see them docked a portion of their annual wage.”

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“We are, after all, ‘all in this together’.”

Truancy benefit cuts

Father-of-four, Simon Williams was similarly aggrieved, saying, “It’s ridiculous – perhaps the next time my son bunks off I shall tell his school he’s gone on ‘I’m Truant Child Get Me Out of Here.’.”

Single-mother, Tracey Smith was uneasy with the imbalance of the proposed changes, saying “Absence from school through truancy is clearly a problem – but how does one insure their kid attends ‘ready to learn’?”

“What next – being kicked out of our council house for my child’s ‘absent’-mindedness?”

A spokesman for No.10 suggested the proposals had not been finalized, and were subject to revision.

“Did I say ‘revision’?”

“You can’t seriously want us to fine MPs for failing to revise?”