YouTube celebrates reaching tenth literate comment

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Just eight years after launch, and one billion users later, video sharing site YouTube has finally reached double figures in literate comments.

The milestone was announced on the YouTube blog, where the video sharing firm claimed the recent growth in smartphones had helped them reach double digits two years ahead of schedule.

The blog post read, “When we made our video sharing platform we looked at user-generated content across the Internet, forums, Geocities and so on – and between us we agreed that one literate comment a year was an ambitious target.”

“But we dared to dream and here we are eight years later admiring a comment that is not only constructed of sentences and paragraphs, but also contains no discernible spelling or grammar errors.”

“It’s a proud moment, we assure you.”

YouTube milestone

YouTube users have welcomed the news, with user Snakecheck826745 expressing his pleasure at the milestone with the well-recognised YouTube  phrase, “OMFG!! Ur all gay!!!”

However, others on the Internet have questioned the value of the video sharing site.

Web surfer Simon Williams told us, “Are they are also proud that we’ve made the Internet a collectively dumber place by providing a platform for users to loudly voice the sort of phrases normally found scribbled in excrement in a lunatic asylum.”

“Not only do most of the videos look like they were filmed on a potato, but the subsequent comments appear to have been written by a crack team of racist homophobic simpletons with an unhealthy obsession in the sexual preferences of your Mum.”

“It’s got so bad that I now will only use it for about five hours a day.”