Lord Carey somehow mistaking ‘religious persecution’ with ‘not getting his own way’

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Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey has likened the push for gay marriage to the rise of the Third Reich in a move which led led aides to open his dictionary at the page for ‘Persecution’.

Carey claimed that allowing gay marriage would probably lead to “a new Hitler or something”, telling a meeting at the Conservative conference in Birmingham that the situations are “definitely the same”.

He told delegates, “It’s important to realise that allowing gay marriage will ruin traditional marriages overnight.”

“Relationships will crumble, divorce courts will be full to the rafters and all families will fall apart before our very eyes. Oh yes they will. Shut up.”

“By not letting me stop people doing what they want to do, you’re stopping me doing what I want do. And because I’m a big fan of two-thousand year old fairy tales that means it’s the very definition of religious persecution.”

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Carey on gay marriage

Fans of Godwin’s Law have proclaimed Carey’s speech as an absolute triumph of the genre, setting a new standard to which all future bigots will aspire.

Audience member Simon Williams told us, “It wasn’t even a segue. He went from homosexuals to the Nazis in the same half-sentence – I think his exact words were, ‘gay marriage is Hitler’.”

“I don’t see how anyone will ever invoke Godwin’s Law with such beautiful efficiency, ever again.”

“It’s just a shame it doesn’t stop him being a homophobic moron.”