Apple to unveil new way to get completely lost using your phone

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Apple is set to unveil its IOS 6 operating system, alongside a new mapping and navigation tool that will make getting completely lost easier than ever before.

With the new iPhone set for its first public airing on Wednesday, there is already much speculation surrounding the mapping tool that will replace Google maps.

An Apple spokesperson explained, “We’ve relied on Google for too long when it comes to having no idea where where we’re going, but that’s about to change.”

“Apple maps will be quick to load, more graphically pleasing and above all will let you take that wrong turn far more quickly than ever before.”

“You won’t know where you are, but you’ll have got there using a beautiful application that Apple engineers have spent dozens of man years designing.”

“Once you’ve got lost using your new iPhone, you’ll be left wondering how you ever managed to get lost before.”

Apple maps

Google have reacted to the planned release by reaffirming their position as the number of one provider of tools that are are perfectly fine until you absolutely have to get somewhere.

A spokesman said, “80% of the smartphone market currently uses Google maps when they’re too tight to buy a proper GPS application, and we feel those people will be happy to use Google maps in the future.”

“Plus, if you ever want to see funny pictures of blurry faces in places that look a bit familiar, nothing will ever top Streetview.”