Thursday 14 June 2012

Study finds curfew tags effective at proving how ineffective curfew tags are

A new study into the electronic tags used to track offenders placed on home curfew has shown how effective they are at illustrating how useless electronic tags are in enforcing curfews.

Home Secretary Theresa May said the probation inspectorate was committed to ensuring the latest technology was used to show ineffective the latest technology actually is.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice told reporters, “This is still pretty advanced technology, and with the click of a few buttons I can see that at least half of those wearing electronic tags couldn’t care less that they’re wearing electronic tags.”

“This is the sort of insight that would have previously taken months to collect, and an awful lot of money.”

“What you’re seeing here is definitely progress.”

Electronic Tags

Mrs May told reporters that the Ministry of Justice was already looking at the way it tagged people, and considering tagging offenders legs together to prevent them going anywhere at any speed.

She said, “It’s clear that some changes need to be made, and using the tags to fix offenders to a radiator has not been discounted.”

“We could even do away with the electronic part and replace the tag with some sort of ‘chain’ device?”

“Or maybe we should consider some sort of ‘facility’ where we could keep criminals confined and away from the general public?  I don’t know, there’s a few options to consider I guess.”

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