Monday 7 May 2012 by Spacey

No Dave, the message was ‘piss off’, electorate tells Prime Minister

After Prime Minister David Cameron insisted that he ‘got the message’ following the Conservatives’ mauling at last week’s local elections, voters have highlighted that the fact he hasn’t resigned yet suggests otherwise.

The public have reacted to Mr Cameron’s insistence that they were sending him a message to provide ‘focus, delivery and hard work’, by revealing it was more a message of ‘resign, fuck off and don’t come back’.

“Mr Cameron trying harder sounds more like a threat than an offer of reassurance,” said one voter.

“I would feel much more optimistic if he’d said he would try less – preferably to the point of stopping trying altogether and moving very, very far away.”

Mr Cameron’s pledge echoes that of Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, who threatened to work harder on the economy.

“We must not be distracted from the task at hand,” he wrote in the Mail on Sunday.

“People want us to try harder, and that’s why I’m going to carry on doing exactly the same things, only now I’m going to do them faster.”

Local election message

Conservative backbenchers have urged Mr Cameron to focus on the important issues and not to be distracted by “appearing to help people”.

Julian Brazier, the Conservative MP for Canterbury in Kent, warned the Prime Minister that voters feel he is “out of touch”.

“With high unemployment and the most vulnerable people in society suffering the most, the message from the electorate is clear,” he said.

“Stop same sex marriages.”

“This country is in danger of becoming one long sweaty conga-line of sodomy.”

“The Prime Minister needs to start engaging with members of the public – specifically the ones that attend my local church.”

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