Retina implant men reveal disbelief at FHM 100 most beautiful women in the world list

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Two blind British men who have have had part of their vision restored after surgery to fit pioneering eye implants have revealed that they are able to perceive light, some shapes and that the FHM 100 most beautiful women in the world list is rubbish.

Singer and X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos was voted at number one by readers of the men’s lifestyle magazine despite the singer not even being the most beautiful woman in N-Dubz.

The two patients, Chris James and Robin Millar, lost their vision due to a condition known as retinitis pigmentosa, and after looking through FHM’s beauty list they have recommended the surgery to its legion of readers.

Mr James from Wroughton in Wiltshire said there was a “magic moment” when the implant was switched on for the first time and he saw flashing lights, although he revealed this was soon dulled when someone handed him a copy of FHM and he saw Cher Lloyd at number 25.

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Prof MacLaren, who fitted the first implant in the UK at the Oxford Eye Hospital, said: “It’s the first time that British patients who were completely blind have been able to see something.”

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“Admittedly they both asked us to take the implants out by the time they’d got up to number 35, but that would be too expensive, so we just turned the lights out.”

“They haven’t noticed yet that they can still see, but we’re hopeful that they’ll have a re-think as long as we can keep them away from Samantha Brick’s Daily Mail column.”