Sol Campbell announces that he hadn’t already retired from football

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Former Arsenal and Tottenham centre back Sol Campbell has announced his retirement from football, dispelling the assumption that he’d already retired a couple of seasons ago.

Campbell, who made 646 appearances for five different clubs, announced his retirement from being a free agent who isn’t playing any football to concentrate on simply not playing football.

The 37 year-old’s career has spanned 19 years – 20 if you count the time he’s spent sat on the couch over the last 15 months.

“I felt that at the age of 37, the demands of being available to play football were beginning to take their toll.”

“It became clear that I was taking longer to recover from the rigours of sitting around and waiting for my agent to call.”

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“I’m now going to focus more on sitting around and waiting for Sky Sports to call.”

Sol Campbell retiring

Football fans, who had been unaware that the former England international hadn’t retired, have expressed their surprise at Campbell’s announcement.

“Is it possible to retire from something that you don’t actually do, to concentrate on doing something you’ve never done?” asked 26 year-old Arsenal fan Gavin Malone.

“In that case, I’d like to announce my resignation as an intelligence officer in the Secret Intelligence Service, to concentrate on a career in photographing top models.”