Chelsea and Liverpool fans angry after FA appoint referee to officiate cup final

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Fans of Liverpool and Chelsea have both insisted that neither team have any chance of winning this years FA Cup final after the FA appointed a referee to take charge of the game.

Both sets of fans have slammed the FA’s decision and have highlighted that appointing a referee for such a high profile game will only lead to decisions that could influence its outcome.

“Oh well, that’s that then,” said Liverpool fan Andy Hopgood.

“Referees can make decisions that might not go in our favour which could lead to us losing the game.”

“How can this possibly be considered ‘fair’?”

Chelsea fans have insisted that using referees is a conspiracy that could lead to the rules of the game being applied, resulting in free kicks being given to the opposition.

“Surely it’s better to just let the players decide amongst themselves whether a ball has crossed the line or whether there was contact in the box,” said Chelsea fan Luke Roddy.

“If they are unable to decide then maybe they could just ask the fans that are closest to the incident.”

Ref to ref game

Calls to introduce goal line technology to determine whether a ball has crossed the line have been dismissed by Chelsea fans following their controversial second goal against Tottenham on Sunday.

“I don’t think goal line technology would have helped in that incident because the goal wouldn’t have stood,” highlighted Mr Roddy.

“I think if there is an incident like that in a Chelsea game then the best way to determine whether it’s a goal or not would be to simply look at how happy or angry John Terry is.”