Wednesday 29 February 2012 by Spacey

Sleeping pill users kept awake worrying about increased death risk

Insomnia sufferers are lying awake at night worrying after doctors revealed that the sleeping pills that they are taking could increase their chances of not waking up.

The American study found that the death risk of sleeping pill users was 400% higher than that of non-users, who according to researchers are only 100% certain to die.

“One thing we can all be certain of is that everyone will die at some point”, said Nina Barnett of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

“Knowing that they are significantly more likely to die than someone who is definitely going to die must be worrying.”

Doctors have urged people not to panic as a result of finding out that the medication that they take to help them get a peaceful night’s sleep are in fact evil killer death pills.

“Dying is a serious condition that can be fatal, but this shouldn’t mean that people who have been prescribed medication to help them sleep should stop taking something that might kill them”, said Malcolm Lader, professor of clinical psychopharmacology at the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London.

“They should consult their doctor if they are concerned, and they should be able to outline the pros and cons of getting a good night’s sleep in comparison to dying.”

Users of sleeping pills have already begun looking at safer ways to help them overcome their insomnia, with one suffer telling us, “It’s worrying to find out that medication I have been prescribed could increase the likelihood of me dying”.

“I think it might be safer to drink myself unconscious instead.”

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