Joey Barton dismisses Warnock Twitter criticism by criticising him on Twitter

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QPR captain Joey Barton has dismissed claims by Neil Warnock that criticism he received on social networking sites like Twitter contributed to his sacking by going on a social networking site called Twitter and criticising him.

Barton insisted that doing exactly what Warnock had claimed he was doing was the best way to highlight that he wasn’t doing what Warnock claimed he was doing.

“So Warnock’s blaming criticism on Twitter for his sacking,” he tweeted.

“As soon as I heard I had to come on Twitter and criticise him to prove that I’m not criticising him on Twitter.”

Twitter cost him his job? I can think of a million other things,” he claimed.

“For starters there’s the phone calls, emails and letters that I sent too.”

Barton on Warnock

The former Newcastle and Man City midfielder continued his attack on Warnock’s claims that social networking sites had allowed certain people to poison QPR chairman, Tony Fernandes’ mind, by attempting to poison the minds of every other chairman in the football leagues.

“If Warnock wants to point the finger then he should look in the mirror.”

“That way he won’t be able to see all my tweets about what a shit manager he is.”