2014 World Cup must feature drunken violence, insists Fifa

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Following a disagreement with the Brazilian government, Fifa has insisted that all venues at the Brazil World Cup must give supporters the opportunity to get hammered and throw bottles at opposing fans.

Brazilian football has had serious trouble with violence at matches in the past, and as a result alcoholic drinks have been banned at stadiums since 2003.

Health Minister Alexandre Padilha has called for this ban to be maintained but Fifa has insisted that the sight of drunken hooligans beating the hell out of each other is a non-negotiable part of the World Cup package.

“When a nation bribes several high-ranking officials in order to host the World Cup they are fully aware of what they are signing up for.” said Fifa General Secretary Jerome Valcke.

World Cup alcohol

He went on, “Only a very small minority of football fans fight when sober, and it would not be right to exclude the others who need several beers before punching a stranger in the face just because they are from a different country.”

“Alcohol is part of the World Cup tradition. Would all those shop windows in Marseille have been smashed in ’98 if the fans were sober? No.”

“Did the German and Polish hooligans who organised mass fights before their match in 2006 have a drink or two first? Of course they did. So why should this time be any different?”

Fifa are taking a very firm stance on the issue and are insisting that the organisers have to come up with a very good reason for them to agree to the alcohol ban.

“About $2 million might do it.” said Valcke.