Friday 28 October 2011

Would Thatcher even notice if we paid her in monopoly money, ask tax payers

After discovering that Lady Thatcher has received over half a million pounds in the last five years for her ‘public duties’, tax payers everywhere have asked if she’d even notice if we started paying her with toy money or magic beans.

The payments, set up by John Major in 1991, are designed to reward former Prime Ministers writing a few letters and stuff and have cost a total of £1.7m in the last five years.

Tax payer Simon Williams told us, “Learning that Tony Blair earns more through this scheme than he did via his prime minister’s salary is worse than that time when someone showed me how much Simon Cowell earns.”

“As for Margaret Thatcher, well, it’s a time of austerity, and if that doesn’t mean you can take advantage of an elderly woman losing her mental faculties, then I don’t know what does.”

“If rumours about her health are true, you probably wouldn’t even need to bother with Monopoly money, just tell her ‘We paid you yesterday, remember Margaret?‘ and she’d be happy.”

Margaret Thatcher’s pay

Whitehall insiders have insisted that the policy is critical in ensuring past prime ministers can continue to earn six figure salaries after their time in office.

“You can’t blame John Major for implementing it, I mean, would you have actually give him a job after he left Downing Street?”

“No, I didn’t think so.”

David Cameron’s Thatcher t-shirt

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