Injuries to key referees cost us, claims Ferguson

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After suffering their biggest home defeat since 1955, Sir Alex Ferguson has blamed his side’s humiliating 6-1 defeat by Man City on the Premier League’s inability to field a referee who is a Man Utd fan.

Speaking after the match, he blasted “They outplayed us in all areas of the pitch when the referee didn’t intervene.”

“There were times when they made us look stupid and yet the referee’s done nothing to protect us.”

“Their lad David Silva was a different class, but the ref’s blatantly allowed him to stay on the pitch.”

“It’s an absolute disgrace.”

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Referee issues

Ferguson highlighted the absence of their talismanic decision maker, Howard Webb as a key factor in the outcome of the game.

“If Webbsy had been playing then Balotelli would have been sent off for blatantly getting into numerous goal-scoring positions,” Ferguson insisted.

Man City manager Roberto Mancini disagreed with Ferguson’s assessment of the referee’s performance and insisted that the scoreline didn’t flatter his team.

He told reporters, “It looks like Colonel Gaddafi isn’t the only dictator of a hated regime who’s been murdered in his own back yard in front of the world’s cameras during the last week.”