Norwegian gunman’s manifesto quoted Daily Mail’s Melanie Phillips, what do you think?

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Norwegian gunman Anders Behring Breivik produced a 1500-page manifesto which quotes Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips in support of his views, what do you think?

The document, entitled “European Declaration of Independence” was published shortly before his murderous rampage on Friday, and aims to justify his actions as being in defence of Europe and for the ‘eradication of Islam’.

We sent our reporters out on to the street to find out what you thought about it’s publication, and the use of Melanie Phillips’ words to support his racist arguments.

Woman on the Street“I have to say I’m sceptical that those words ever came from Melanie Phillips. If you look closely there’s no sign of her trademark bile against the disgusting homosexuals.”

Dave Randel, Worker

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Man on the Street“Oh come on now, it’s not Melanie’s fault if people are stupid enough to agree with the thoroughly abhorrent views she frequently publishes.”

Gina Simms, Reader

Man on the Street“Wait, does the Daily Mail make more sense when it’s translated into Norwegian?”

Nick Gillings, Sitter

Woman on the Street

“I think the two are completely unrelated.  You simply can’t blame the actions of one crazy immigrant-obsessed lunatic for influencing that gunman.”

Sheila James, Stander

Happy Man

“1500 pages? I’m not reading that. Can you come back and ask me again after Melanie Phillips has told me what to think.”

Max Maxwell, Leaner

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