BBC News ‘at a loose end’ as journalists go on strike

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BBC News is considering its options as journalists begin a 24-hour strike in a row over compulsory redundancies, with a lazy day pottering about the garden expected to be the most likely outcome.

Members of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) voted in favour of industrial action last month, but with no concrete plans in place the News is trying to decide between doing those chores it’s been putting off for weeks, or relaxing.

“I could sort out my filing I suppose,” it pondered. “Then again, those shelves won’t put up themselves up, and the fish tank could maybe do with a clean.”

It is believed that the News did make a late call to both Sky News and Channel 4 News to see if they fancied a round of golf, but neither could secure the time off at such short notice.

“Five News did leave a message, but the last time I went out with them I woke up naked at the zoo with a taste of blood in my mouth.” It added ruefully.

With another 24-hour strike planned for 29 July, the News has already taken steps to ensure it doesn’t find itself in a similar situation by organising a day paintballing with the News of the World.