She’s like Thatcher and she’s French, IMF are warned

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The IMF has been reminded that not only is Christine Lagarde a hardline right-wing ball-breaker, but she is also French.

The walking, talking, cat-loving bag of elitism who blamed the global financial crisis on the male hormone is standing as a candidate to lead the IMF.

Thankfully, several  members have already have looked beyond these flaws to discount Lagarde because she is French, and therefore exactly the same as Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

“It’s true,” confessed representative Alexander Gibbs. “None of us actually mind that she is probably possessed by the soul Thatcher sold to the devil in ’79.”

“Nor do we care that she’s capable of mobilising her man-issues quicker than you can say Medusa.”


“No, we don’t like her because she’s French,” he continued, “meaning she has exactly the same passport as the man we’ve just got rid of.”

“Though having the same hair and tan hasn’t exactly helped, either.”

Lagarde believes she is still the best choice for the position, claiming that she is not a man and she definitely is not Gordon Brown.