‘Yes to AV’ campaign pretty keen for Nick Clegg to join ‘No to AV’ campaign

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As the AV referendum campaigning hotted up today, a spokesperson for the ‘Yes’ campaign said it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if Nick Clegg were to join the ‘No’ campaign.

With just 48 hours days to go, both sides have stepped up their campaigning, each more desperate than ever to show the other side as evil rather than focusing on the benefits of their particular preference.

But now Deputy prime minister Clegg is under pressure to switch sides after a ‘Yes’ campaign insider told us that, “having Nick Clegg support your cause is currently very much like having Nick Griffin on your side, it ensures people will vote against you just because it’s him.”

They continued, “It’s not that Nick is a bad person really, it’s just that we think he could do a lot more good for the ‘Yes’ campaign by telling everyone they should vote ‘No’.”

“If he really cared about AV, he’d come out against it, stand side-by-side with Cameron and make the choice an incredibly straightforward one.”

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“Voting ‘Yes’ to AV is very much seen as doing exactly what Nick Clegg wants you to do, which isn’t want anyone wants to do.”

AV Campaigns start shouting

People everywhere have reacted to the negative campaigns by insisting they will be forced to pick the option they hate least.

“From what I understand of the campaigns, voting ‘Yes’ means supporting an unfair system where your vote might count less than someone else’s, but voting ‘No’ means supporting an unfair system where your vote might count less than someone else’s.”

“It’s a tough one all right.”

Voter Gareth Chambers told us, “I don’t really understand the debate if I’m honest, but as someone who voted Lid Dem in the general election, my starting position is the exact opposite of whatever Nick Clegg wants me to do.”

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