Osborne considers private jet tax after discovering he doesn’t know anyone that uses one

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The Chancellor George Osborne has revealed that he is considering a tax on the use of private jets after the surprising discovery was made that none of his friends own or use one.

The move comes as the government attempts to cut down on tax loopholes that aren’t exploited by people that they might have gone to school with.

Osborne admitted that it has proven more difficult than expected to find tax loop holes not used by at least one acquaintance of his, but insisted that the private jet tax looks like it might be exactly what he was looking for.

“It all looks in order,” revealed a treasury spokesperson.

“George is just waiting to hear back from his chum Crispin, and if he gives the green light then it’s all systems go.”

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“This will calm the plebs for a while, right?”

Private Jet Tax

There has been some anger over the proposed tax on private jet flights, with a number pf pop stars concerned about how it will affect their ability to transport their accessories in the most opulent way imaginable.

“They are used to travelling in luxury with their every need catered for. This tax is totally unjust!” insisted a spokesperson for Bono’s hats.

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