Scottish football fans busy learning Polish for ‘You Blind Bastard!’

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After hearing that the Scottish FA is will be using referees from Poland to fulfil this weekend’s fixtures, fans have begun learning suitably offensive phrases to chant at their temporary foreign officials.

Scottish referees refused to back down over the strike action, insisting that they should be able to make all of the horrendous mistakes they want during games, without players and officials forcefully pointing them out.

The SFA says referees are being overly sensitive about it, and that shouting at people for completely inconsequential reasons is a Scottish way of life.

A spokesperson said, “You can’t walk down the street in most Scottish cities without someone hurling barely-deserved abuse at you, why should the premier league be any different?”

The use of Polish referees has left a number of fans unsure of the best way to abuse them for ninety minutes on Saturday afternoon.

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Scottish Referee Strike

Hibernian fan Angus Riley told us, “I think it’s disgusting, all these Polish coming over here taking all the jobs that no Scottish people want to do.”

“And how am I supposed to offend them when I don’t speak the language? The worst thing I can probably shout is ‘Oi you! Tile my bathroom!’.”

Motherwell fan Robert Cullen said, “It’s fine, I know how to use the Internet and I’ve got some belters lined up.”

“How about, ‘Wy oślepiacie Żaden człowiek rodzony dzieckcko’. I’m pretty sure that means ‘You Blind Bastard!’  I hope you’re going to spell that properly?”

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