Kim Jong Il backs Sarah Palin presidential bid

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Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin has today received the influential backing of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il in her potential campaign to run for President in 2012.

After hearing Palin tell a radio presenter that US should work more closely with its Allies in North Korea, Jong Il is said to have written a cheque in support of the Tea Party favourite.

He told the official North Korean newspaper, “She has shown just the sort of grasp of world affairs that would make her a keen ally to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.”

“We can guarantee her the votes of at least 30 million North Koreans, which I am told are about as valuable as votes cast in Florida in a US Presidential election.”

“This is the best thing anyone has said about North Korea since earlier this week when David Cameron said we had ‘mad skillz’.  Yes he did, yes he did, yes he did.”

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“Plus, if Sarah Palin becomes President there’ll be no more of those annoying nuclear inspections and stuff, because I’m pretty sure she’ll believe absolutely everything we tell her.”

Sarah Palin’s North Korea

When told of Kim Jong Il’s backing, Palin said she was delighted to receive his endorsement, claiming it was further evidence of her growing standing on the International stage.

She told reporters, “It shows yet again that the world is ready for a change, the sort of change only I can offer.  At least Kim Jong Il can see it.”

“His endorsement means a lot to me, as I’ve always admired China, apart from when they bombed Pearl Harbour.”

The US Democrats were keen to see how this all plays out, with one member telling us, “You know what, we’re totally behind North Korea on this.  Please, please, PLEASE let Sarah Palin be the Republican presidential nominee.”