You’re absolutely right Moyles, no-one cares, confirms everyone

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The UK public have come out in support of comments made by Radio One breakfast show DJ Chris Moyles after he said that “no-one cared” that he hadn’t been paid for two months.

The DJ’s early morning on-air tirade against the BBC prompted a barage of texts and emails from people who were keen to point out that they definitely couldn’t give a toss.

“I couldn’t agree with Chris more,” texted one listener. “I’m absolutely 100% certain that I couldn’t give a rat’s arse. Now play a bloody song you gobshite.”

Another message read,  “When I get ready for work in the morning I want to do so to the musical accompaniment of a playlist that is dictated by some suit-wearing buffoon who has taken a few backhanders from some record label execs.”

“I do not want to listen to some fat oaf spend three hours talking about himself before whining on about how his obscenely large pay cheque, which I am funding by the way, is a bit late.”

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Chris Moyles

Licence fee payers have been quick to point out that it’s nice to see the BBC finally taking on board demands to provide value for money.

“I’ve always thought that Radio 1 is an awful waste of money, but it’s nice to see the are finally paying Chris Moyles exactly what he’s worth.  Long may it continue.”

Moyles’ agent has defended the DJ’s outburst by insisting “This isn’t about the money for Chris. It’s about his enormous ego….who am I kidding, I’m not that arsed either.”

The BBC were unavaible to comment as they don’t appear to give a shit.

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