Manchester holiday makers forced to take enjoyable flights

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Ryanair is to switch or close nine of the 10 routes it currently operates from Manchester Airport, forcing travellers to enjoy the journey to their eventual destination.

The move comes after Manchester airport refused to lower its airport charges for the budget carrier.

With Ryanair flights no longer available at the airport, passengers will no longer be able to endure three hours of misery en-route to a destination just a two hour-long taxi ride from their hotel.

One passenger told us, “I will miss Ryanair.  It never mattered how bad the hotel was, as it was always infinitely more comfortable than the miserable journey to get there.”

“The mini-bar might be expensive, but not when compared to paying five pounds for a party pack can of coke on the flight.”

“But now that Ryanair have gone, a bad hotel is, well, just a really bad hotel.”


Another told us, “I’ve only ever flown with Ryanair.  So I’d always equated flying with them to being like a trip to an NHS dentist – you’ve got no choice but to use them, it’s painful and utterly terrifying, the staff are barely qualified, and cost cutting is evident at every corner.”

“I had absolutely no idea travelling abroad could be an enjoyable experience.  Is this what it’s like if you join BUPA too?”

Ryanair have claimed their move from the airport will also result in 600 people having to seek alternative employment where they don’t spend every waking moment loathing their entire existence.