Arseholes line up to use new .cnt top level domain

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Following the furore surrounding the .eco top level domain, rival arseholes are trying to take control of a new domain aimed at thoroughly despicable shits.

The .cnt domain is to be launched this autumn, and is targeted at those people who are keen to ensure the world knows just how entirely loathsome they are.

“We launched .eco so that people would be able to tell if it was an environmental organisation, without even looking at the website.” said web regulator ICANN.

“But what about  You can’t tell just by the name if that site is for an actor, sportsman, or someone whose sole purpose on earth is to promote the contemptible shitehawks.”

“But maxclifford.cnt tells you immediately that he is a entirely detestable human being.”

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The media have been focussing on the issues surrounding the .eco domain, but .cnt is likely to see significantly more traffic over time.

A spokesperson for ICANN said, “Of course the .cnt top level domain will be more popular.”

“What would you prefer to read about? How many seals died yesterday in a place you’ve never heard of, or which is the latest tedious celebrity Paris Hilton has ensnared with her vagina?”

“Endemol have already been in touch to ensure that every Big Brother contestant has their own .cnt domain registered before appearing on television.”

“It will be good to finally have a number when people ask just how many .cnts there are out there.”

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