The Book

Before NewsThump even existed, we were called NewsArse – I know, I’m amazed anyone in an office was ever able to read the site – but we even produced a book.

You can now buy the book – Amused by the World – a compilation of NewsArse’s top stories – the fastest growing satirical news website of 2009.

It casts an irreverent eye over the major events of the year, such as the MPs expenses scandal, the swine flu pandemic and the nation’s bizarre fascination with Susan Boyle.  Headlines include:

“Successful Earth Hour delays inevitable global catastrophe, by an hour”

“World pig population shows signs of man-flu pandemic”

“New MPs Code of Conduct to include every possible definition of the word ‘thievery’”

“Ryanair to charge customers for breathable air”

“Americans protest for the right to make insurance companies richer”

“Cockney violence marred by footballing outbreak”

Described by Stephen Fry as “Good”, Amused By The World is, quite simply the best thing you will buy this year.  Unless you’re buying a house.  Or a PS3.  Click on the image below to buy a copy for yourself, or as a gift for the people you hope to impress with your ability to locate the Internet’s hidden gems.

Get it now – 40% off!