iPhone App

NewsThump is delighted to announce its first iPhone application, cleverly disguised as a ‘Safari’ web browser icon, and thanks to our partnership with Apple it is now available on all new iPhones completely FREE.

The application will give you full access to all NewsThump stories, not only from our extensive archives, but with up-to date stories available at exactly the same time that they appear on the website.

In order to use the NewsThump iPhone app, merely click on the Safari icon and type the characters ‘newthump.com’ in the handy navigation bar at the top of the app.  Within seconds you will be browsing NewsThump content RIGHT FROM YOUR HANDSET!

The NewsArse iPhone app in action
The NewsArse iPhone app

Unlike other iPhone applications, the NewsThump app has been specially designed to allow you to access content from millions of other websites, all you need is their URL.  You may never need to buy another website app ever again!

As I’m sure you can imagine, a lot of time and effort went into making the NewsThump iPhone app, with great care taken to integrate it so seamlessly into your existing iPhone infrastructure – but despite this, the NewsThump iPhone application is completely FREE.  Yes, it’s free.

No, really, there’s no need to thank us.