Oops! Man’s attempt to use washing machine results in complete societal collapse

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Society was last week plunged into a state of complete breakdown and chaos, and it appears that the root cause of the chaos was a dad in Essex called Simon Williams.

“I’m a little embarrassed, to be honest,” said Mr Williams.

“The wife was at badminton and I needed a clean shirt so I thought I’d do the washing. I must have put the powder in the wrong tray or something because it started making this weird grinding sound and then society collapsed. What am I like!

“People running through the streets, fighting each other and smashing things up. The police and army overrun. It was terrifying to see how base the human animal can become so quickly.”

It appears that, like many men, when confronted with the reality of the nature, complexity and variety of household chores Mr Williams became quickly overwhelmed. The sort of task that to a busy mum is second nature only served to bring about complete societal collapse when attempted by dad.

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Happily, when Mrs Williams arrived home. She was able to sort everything out.

“Well, the three trays can be a little confusing,” she said, kindly.

”I just scooped out the congealed powder and threw it away. Then I set off a new wash. I went outside and told everyone outside to get a hold of themselves, go home and comply with societal norms of order and common decency.”

It seems that Mr Williams has learned a valuable lesson as well.

“I think I understand that, although when I’m in the office can manage a complex supply chain and a triple-digit workforce, basic household tasks are beyond me and are best left to the wife.”

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