Widespread condemnation for attack on hospital after discovery it doesn’t contain any Palestinians

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There has been widespread condemnation for Russia’s attack on a Kyiv hospital after sources revealed that it contained not a single Palestinian.

The missile strike, carried out by Russian forces, targeted a children’s hospital in Kyiv, leaving a trail of devastation and a cacophony of condemnation from every corner of the globe.

It has long been held that attacks on hospitals should result in immediate and vociferous condemnation, though recent events in Palestine have proven otherwise.

Television owner Simon Williams told us, “It’s almost as if the outrage meter is calibrated differently depending on the hospital’s location and the nationality of the patients being treated inside.

“One would hope that all innocent lives are considered equally valuable, but the uproar against this Russian attack seems to suggest otherwise.

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“International rebuke seems to depend on whether the innocent people killed in the hospital are Palestinian, or any of the other 194 nations on earth.”

However, Simon’s neighbour Derek, who doesn’t watch mainstream media and gets all of his news from blue-check accounts on Twitter, disagreed, telling us “If Hamas are going to hide in hospitals behind sick children, then those hospitals become legitimate military targets.

“End of.”

However, non-morons have responded to Derek, telling him, “If a bad person is hiding behind an innocent person, it’s not okay to just kill the innocent person because it’s ‘easier’ – the fact that we have to break it down like this for grown adults is frankly baffling. If you are killing innocent people, particularly children, to ‘get the bad guys’, then you ARE the bad guys.”

Derek’s attitude softened somewhat when this point was explained to him, telling us, “Look, I get it, firing missiles at hospitals is an awful thing to do, and you should never, ever, do it.

“Unless there is someone inside you really want to blow up.”