WEF agent gets carpal tunnel syndrome after rubbing out all the Reform votes cast using pencil

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World Economic Forum agent Simon Williams is being treated for carpal tunnel syndrome this morning after a busy day with an eraser yesterday.

Boxes and boxes of ballot papers were shipped to Simon after voting stopped last night so he could use his ‘incredible’ rubbing-out skills to deny the Reform party millions of extra seats in Parliament.

However, his diligent work came at a terrible cost to the nerves in his arm.

“Some Reform voters saw through our incredibly clever plan and used a pen to mark their paper, which is a shame, because otherwise, they would have got far fewer votes”, George Soros told us from his volcano lair.

“And many more thought they should sign their vote, but sadly that meant they made an ‘X’ anyway.

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“But thanks to Simon, we denied Reform a landslide victory, and so our agenda – which nobody can properly articulate, by the way, but it’s bad – can continue unopposed,” he added, before collapsing into gales of evil laughter and stroking the cat on his lap.

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