Good news for the SNP as all their MPs can now travel in the same campervan

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SNP Members of Parliament can now drive down to Westminster in the same top-of-the-range Campervan, after the election yesterday.

The SNP, who have often complained about Westminster waste, will be able to save themselves the cost of four return tickets from Edinburgh and points north, and instead pool their money for a single tank of petrol – a measure which is estimated to save taxpayers almost £200 per trip.

As a van will cost only £100,000, the taxpayer will be in profit after only 42 years – by which time they might get another referendum.

“It’s vital we ensure that Westminster’s wasteful financial practices don’t spread to Scotland”, said MP Simon Fort-Williams.

“This way, your local MPs can meet up after using the brand new ferries or the promptly and cheaply improved A9, before all piling in the Camper and heading south.

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“We might stop off for lunch on the way, but I can’t see that costing more than thirty-six million pounds once it’s through the initial committee stages.”

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