Party of ‘family values’ slams politician for saying he’ll make time for his family

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The self-proclaimed part of ‘family values’ has suddenly decided it is a ‘bad thing’ to carve out time to spend with your children, according to every right-wing client journalist in the country today.

After Keir Starmer said that if he was elected he would carve out time to ensure he spent quality time with his children, many right-wing commentators have claimed this demonstrates his lack of commitment to the role of prime minister.

Simon Williams, a social media user who gets handed his talking points by a faceless Tufton Street lobbying group every morning, told us, “How can Starmer possibly run the country if he’s telling us he will also spend a couple of hours a week playing with his kids?

“And yes, I know we’re supposed to be the party of family values, but that’s only when it’s convenient – like when we are blaming absent fathers for rising crime rates, or when we’re ensuring we can give the required tax breaks to nice, middle-class 2.4 children families. That’s when family is important.

“It is NOT about celebrating someone in a very senior position of power telling the country it’s okay to spend time with your family and not be handcuffed to your desk for 18 hours a day.”

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Meanwhile, a Labour spokesperson has explained that it’s obvious why the Tories don’t believe someone can be prime minister and spend quality time with their children.

They told us, “It’s Boris Johnson. Every Tory knows that if Boris made time for all of his kids while in Downing Street he would only have had about three hours a week to be prime minister.”

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