Man who posted deliberately offensive thing on social media can’t understand why people are offended

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A man on the Internet who posted a thing designed to antagonise is surprised that it has upset a few people.

Simon Williams, 24, made and shared a meme stating that there are definitely only two genders and that anybody who disagreed was “a retard”.

“Just don’t look at it if you don’t like it,” shrugged Simon, “I don’t see the problem, I wasn’t saying this AT anybody, and retard is just a funny word. Plus, I know some mentally handicapped people, so I know what I’m talking about here.”

One of Simon’s friends, Jay Cooper, said, “I saw the thing before I knew not to look. If I’d known it was there, I wouldn’t have looked. But then I’d have still known he’d done it, which is the real issue here, if you follow me.

“He seems to think I’m saying that he’s not allowed to post these things. He absolutely is, I’m just saying he’s an arse for doing so and for thinking those things, which he is also free to do, and at which I am also free to voice my displeasure.

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“Ironically, he went on a massive rant about free speech, and then blocked me from his page so I couldn’t comment on his photos anymore.”

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