Joe Biden celebrates successful Presidential debate by taking victorious stroll around old neighbourhood looking for house he lived in forty years ago

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Joe Biden has celebrated his performance in the first presidential debate against Donald Trump by putting on his most comfortable pyjamas and wandering around the neighbourhood looking for the house he hasn’t lived in since the late 1970s.

Biden has received praise from Democrats for getting through the debate relatively unscathed, and delivering many of his sentences almost entirely gaff-free, while also landing a few barbs at his forthcoming election opponent Donald Trump.

White House aides claimed that Biden unwound after the debate in the time-honoured tradition of losing his security detail and asking strangers where his house is.

Spokesperson Chuck Williams told us, “The President did what he always does after a great day delivering for the American people. He put on his best bathrobe and took a trip down memory lane.

“Who doesn’t enjoy a little reminiscing every now and again? And remember, the President has a huge amount of personal history to revisit, which is why he was out there so long. In the cold. In his pyjamas.

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“We are grateful to the citizens who called the secret service number on his wristband so he could be brought back to the White House to continue telling the nation’s armed forces precisely what to do about the Israel/Gaza powder keg.”

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign has criticised the President for wandering around “in a flannel bathrobe that had zero gold thread, and wasn’t even monogrammed – like a total loser.”

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