Man only willing to agree Andrew Tate is a danger to women if he comes out as trans

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Andrew Tate is simply an innocent free-thinker who is being silenced by the establishment elite and is in no way a danger to women, unless he becomes trans, according to many right-wing grifters this morning.

After Tate was charged by Romanian authorities with a range of crimes against women, and entirely predictable bunch of incels have leapt to his defence, insisting there is no way he could have done what he is accused of.

We spoke to one Tate fan, Simon Williams, who was unwilling to accept his hero could be a danger to women. However, his opinion changed when confronted with one single possibility, “Yes, but what if he came out as a trans woman?”

Williams then told us, “Well, then he’d definitely be guilty of grooming and would be a clear and present danger to women, obviously.

“Then I could totally believe all the allegations and evidence against him. I mean, setting up a multi-million-pound business to subjugate and exploit women is no indication whatsoever that you could possibly be a danger to women. But, going through the process of changing your entire identity in order to use a different sort of public bathroom is as clear a red flag as you could ever hope to see that someone represent a clear and present danger to ALL women.

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“A man luring women to his compound to put them on the Internet as webcam girls is clearly no risk to women. But a transwoman doing that while ALSO using a women’s bathroom is clearly a rapist looking for victims. That’s just common sense.

“Anyway, has he coming out as trans already?”

When we explained that no, Andrew Tate had not come out as trans, and that we had merely suggested it to highlight the paucity of critical thinking when it comes to grifters and their stated objective of ‘keeping women safe’, Williams changed his mind, again.

“Well, if he’s not trans, then he’s innocent, isn’t he? He’s just a guy being a huge success, and the establishment wants to take him down. They can’t do it legitimately, so they make up all these trumped-up charges and hope that some of them stick.

“Which they won’t, because he’s completely innocent.

“Unless he comes out as trans, obviously.”

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