All the best investment opportunities use fake social media profiles and spambots for promotion, insist crypto gurus

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Crypto gurus across the Internet have insisted that we should read nothing into their repeated use of fake social media profiles, comment spam and fake news adverts to promote their get-rich-quick schemes.

Simon Williams, a self-taught crypto expert who will teach you how to make money with Cryptocurrencies for just a few hundred dollars a month, insists the techniques he uses to drive interest in his services are perfectly legitimate.

He explained, “All the great businesses of our time have used fake social media profiles, fake news adverts and comment spam. And now for just $8 a month I can appear like a verified expert on Twitter, so that’s nice.

“It doesn’t feel fair to use traditional advertising techniques, because my offering is SO valuable that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with demand.  So instead, I do a little bit of spam commenting here, a few thousand spam emails over there, and a few dozen fake social media profiles wherever, and that all keeps me ticking over nicely.

“No, you should absolutely read nothing into the fact that the techniques that we’re using are precisely those used by all manner of scammers across the Internet looking to separate the easily-fooled from their money.  That is just a huge coincidence.

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“Anyway, I’m making so much money using cryptocurrencies myself – I mean, literally hundreds of thousands of dollars a year – that I think it’s only right I sell the secret to my success for a couple of hundred bucks a time.

“I mean, if I focussed just on making money for myself, I’d actually have too much money.  And that’s a problem I don’t need.

“No, it’s much better to step away from the day-to-day business of making an absolute fortune online to sell my tricks of the trade for a low low monthly fee to the Internet’s most gullible users.

“No, I don’t offer real guarantees you’ll make any money though; I’m not an idiot.”