Bear Grylls celebrates end of his time as Chief Scout with nice tall glass of warm piss

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Bear Grylls is to step back from his role as Chief Scout after 15 years in the post, and celebrated his scouting ‘retirement’ by downing a pint of his favourite beverage.

The adventurer and television presenter has become well-known for drinking his own piss to entertain viewers, and wasted no time in guzzling back a few to celebrate the end of his tenure as Chief Scout.

“I’ve enjoyed my time here immensely, but now it’s time to kick back and enjoy a few cold ones. Well, lukewarm ones,” said Grylls, unaware of the ring of piss now resting above his top lip.

“People will mock my willingness to drink my own piss so readily, but when there’s nothing else available it’s the best possible thing you can do,” he added, seemingly unaware he was within ten feet of dozens of different cold beverages.

“My time as Chief Scout has been an honour not just for me, but for piss drinkers everywhere,” he went on, fighting the gag reflex.

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“Oh God, I shouldn’t have had asparagus for lunch,” he concluded.

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