Muslim man flying England flag outside mosque throws ‘brave patriot’ into confusion

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A man of a different faith and ethnicity has confounded far-right groups by vociferously supporting the England team at an International sporting event.

Tommy Robinson fan and borderline simpleton Simon Williams, wrote, “I was in the middle of sharing an important news story on social media titled ‘MUSLAMS WANT ENGLAND FLAG BAND SHARE IF YOU THINK THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!’, just like any normal day.

“The mainstream media don’t want you to read it because of George Soros, but it’s a variation of an earlier story I’d shared in which a website I found proved I was right to accuse an entire religion of wanting to ban things. Past favourites have included, British Army uniforms, non-Halal Pot Noodles, cream teas and Christmas.

“So you can imagine my shock when I saw Dr Habib across the road come home from the hospital in an England shirt and with a miniature cross of Saint George in his rear window.

“I was left with no choice but to immediately start writing a new social media post, called ‘MUSLAMS SHULD BE BAND FROM FLYING ENGLAND FLAGS PAYTRIOTS WILL SHARE!!”

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When approached, Dr. Amar Habib had this to say, “I was most surprised to hear that Mr Williams thinks I want to ban England flags.

“England is where I was born and has been the adopted home of my entire family since my grandfather fought for the British Army in Burma. I also really like football, and it’s the European Championships.

“One or two of these folks seem confused that I am not supporting ‘the team of where I come from’ but unfortunately, Leicester City cannot compete in the Euros. Never mind the fact that Jude Bellingham looks more like me, than he does them.

“In any case, this will become a moot point once we get to the knockout stages. You just wait.”